Spotify may be stealing all the hype and pub for streaming music services but let's not kid around here, Rdio still makes the best music apps across any platform. They just released their iPad app and it's as great as you'd expect.


What's it do?

If you're not familiar with Rdio, just know that it was our favorite streaming music app because of its combination of selection, social aspects and quality music apps. I mean, what's a good music service without a good music player, right? The iPad app double downs on that with an easy way to check your friend's activities, gigantic in-your-face album artwork and a music player that is clearly influenced by the stellar iPod App on the iPad. The column motif that leaves room for album art and track lists is alive and well here. It's easy to see what you're listening to while searching what you're going to listen to and in Rdio's case, what your friends are listening to.


Why do we like it?

It's the Rdio you've come to expect but bigger. Which is a great thing! Sure, it's weird to plug your headphones into the iPad to listen to music but the good thing is you don't have to! Rdio supports AirPlay so when you're in your living room you can beam those songs over for surround sound goodness. I always thought it was funny to use the iPad as your music player but when you think about it, Rdio + AirPlay + Big Honking Screen gives you the biggest remote control in the house for the best audio system in your house with all the streaming music not in your house (and lasts forever thanks to the iPad's battery life). It's

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