Re-Live Your Instagram Pictures from a Year Ago

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Instagram! Sometimes so pretty, always so fleeting. Those pictures disappear from memory faster than a tweet, so why not remind yourself about what your looking glass was looking at a year ago? The web app And7YearsAgram does just that.


You just plug in your Instagram credentials to And7YearsAgram and the service will send you an e-mail that shows you what pictures you took a year ago. To the day. Oh remember that fun picture you snapped at a barbecue? Of course you don't! And7YearsAgram will remind you! And because pictures are as timeless as any medium, it's a fun little exercise in seeing if you improved as a picture snapper, seeing what you saw as a wee pup and remembering the fun you once had so you can remind yourself to have more fun. [And7YearsAgram via Laughing Squid]

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Getchoo uh huh

I fucking hate the people who have enough pictures to do this everyday. Quality not quantity.