Reader Review: Autonet, Chrysler In-Car Wi-Fi (UPDATED)

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One of our readers recently subscribed to Chrysler's Autonet service, essentially a Wi-Fi router for your car that connects to the internet through 3G. And after some use, he's found that it works (he wrote us using the service), but it's still working out some important kinks, like maintaining its EVDO connection and protecting its precious 1GB download cap:

When i first got it, it did not work. I had to call support. It is obvious its a small company. Support guy called back on his cell. But he did call back, and I was happy about that. The main issues i have with it are: It constantly is switching to 1x (yes it uses CDMA). So its...slow. It has a VERY hard time switching to EVDO, even when its available. Also, it has a very sloppy interface. It uses WEP for encryption (who uses that anymore?). And there is not much to change. Nothing for IP, NATing, port forwarding—pretty much just encryption. Oh, here is the best part. So the standard plan has a one gig cap. And autonet ships them with NO encryption. So average guy never sets up encryption (nothing in the manual telling you need to). He plugs it in and parks in front of his apartment with 200 neighbors. Some kids finds it and downloads the full season of The Office. Customer gets a $800 bill. Nice.

Thanks for your impressions, Josh! UPDATE: According to Autonet, there may be inaccuracies in the reader review. We are acquiring a review unit to test for ourselves. Also, it should be noted that Autonet is not billed on usage, meaning that an $800 bill is impossible.

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This is a nice option for the road warrior who can't be bothered to figure out how to set up wifi/bluetooth internet sharing on a 3G smartphone (which accomplishes the same thing without the cost of additional, proprietary hardware).

In other words, 1337 up people.