Ready Your iPod for the World Cup With These Not-Cheap-At-All Country Cases

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Some of us here at Gizmodo are genuine soccer fans who are very much looking forward to the World Cup. That's why there's no shame (OK, maybe a very little bit) in talking about these World Cup-themed cases for your precious iPod nano. Why settle for the played-out white or pseudo-cool black of the iPod nano when you can deck it out in the glorious colors of England, Brazil, Argentina or USA (why do they even bother to show up?), among the list of 12 countries?

The cases are made of that silicone that's all the rage these days and include a screen protector, so there's no need to worry about the special breaks-very-easily screen from getting damaged. Are the cases as tacky as previously discussed items? Perhaps, but they're only $15 and besides, it's the World Cup, and that only comes once every four years.


Unless, of course, your name is Rooney, in which case you'll be watching from dreary Manchester whilst all your pals are in Germany.

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