This is war: 3D cones flying in every direction, dramatic music, boats everywhere, missiles, missiles, more 3D cones! If this doesn't persuade our government to hand over money to Lockheed Martin, nothing will.

Lockheed describes the video, too complicated to possibly understand or take seriously, like so:

This simulation depicts Lockheed Martin's offering for the U.S. Navy's competition of the next generation naval radar system, Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR), which will defeat growing anti-ship and ballistic missile threats. Lockheed Martin is currently in the technology demonstration phase of the competition.


But what is this really demonstrating? It looks like a cutscene from a late 90s computer game, and yes, it's very easy to successfully demonstrate a radar technology when you're presenting it via tacky CGI. More missiles! More radar cones! Send the cones everywhere! [Lockheed]

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