Real First Class Flying

I just flew first class from Seattle to Dallas and it was horrible. I was upgraded during a full flight only to get drink service once (I'm actually using their horrid vocabulary) in 90-degree cabin heat. The only luxury was a seat designed for a normal human being. Next time I go first class, it will be on the United Arab Emirates. You get a luxury cubicle, full movie selection, noise-canceling headphones and lots of neat buttons. Just give me the buttons.


[via uberreview]


I am so disappointed with what we accept as First Class now in America. Of course the prices haven't gone down but the service and seat comfort definitely has. If you compare first class seat widths to that of coach class, you will find that the majority of planes now only give you about an extra inch of seat width.

The only exception I have found so far is once in awhile I will get lucky and get on an "international" flight from Chicago to San Fran or Los Angelas. Delta and United both have a similar service for this hard to get flight. United's is the best and it's basically a seat that can fold completely flat into a bed or you can pull the seat up to a small desk and use it as an office space. It also has a personal tv with on demand video.