Countless gamers have fantasized about driving the Warthog from Halo, or wielding Link's sword from The Legend of Zelda series. But a considerably smaller contingency of video game enthusiasts have thought the same thing about Pac-Man. And that's probably why the real-life version of the classic game has only been brought to life via a set of novel remote control racers.

However, a button on the matching pair of infra-red joystick controllers does let you activate the highly recognizable Pac-Man theme songā€”at least until you get sick of it again. Both of the AAA battery-powered racers are weighted at the bottom so they don't topple over at every sharp turn, and they have a decent wireless indoor range of about 26 feet as long as you avoid sunlight. Unfortunately there are no white dots or fruit to collect (unless you lay out an obstacle course of marshmallows and jujubes ahead of time) and the $50 price tag is hard to justify given nearly every mobile device you can buy can easily play the original electronic version.


[I Want One Of Those via Fancy]