Files For Chapter 11, Your Rebate May Be Affected

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One of the nation's largest rebate processing firms, CPG ( has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. What does that mean for you? Well, if you happened to mail-in a rebate form with a company that CPG works with, your check may be in limbo because they don't have the money to cash it. At this point, exactly how the situation will be handled is unclear—but there are a few things you can do to get things under control. Dealnews is recommending that anyone who has a rebate check or is expecting one not cash it because it may bounce and result in an NSF fee. Instead, you should hang on to it until more details become available (this goes for rebates that have not been submitted as well). If you are not sure whether or not your rebate is invovled, a partial list of affected companies is available after the break.

Partial list of companies that have dealt with CFG in recent months: Acronis Software ACTIVSION Advance Auto Parts Antec AVG Bed Bath & Beyond BIC Corporations US - Shaver Division BFG Bridgevine Canon Citibank costco Fujitsu Home Depot Logitech Motorola (Surfboard cable modems) Natures Earth Products Nero Panda Distribution Pandigital PC Tools PriceGrabber Rosewill (Newegg house brand) Samsung Smith Micro Software Tabletops Unlimited TrendNET Westinghouse XFX ZeroTherm Zyxel

Naturally, the best way to tell whether or not you are affected is to head on over to and check on your submission. You may also want to try and call any of the numbers listed on your rebate form on the off chance they can provide more information. I would expect an official announcement from CPG (or something from the company you purchased the item from) with details on how to proceed sometime in the next few days. [Dealnews and Fatwallet and Tampa Bay Business Journal Thanks Luis!]