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Sony announced today that there are a number of defects with their line of Cyber-Shot digital cameras. These problems could cause the LCD to display incorrectly or not at all, and also could prevent the camera from working entirely. These problems will only occur in warm and humid areas. So if you are using a Cyber-Shot in Antarctica, you should be okay.

The defects span across eight models. Sony is expecting around 4,000 cameras to be defective and they will be offering free repairs. Oddly enough, Sony is not expecting this to affect it's yearly earnings.


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Remember, these were only cameras sold between September 2003 and January 2005. The models are the DSC-F88, DSC-M1, DSC-T1, DSC-T11, DSC-T3, DSC-T33, DSC-U40 and the DSC-U50.


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