Reconstitution Is Your BS Meter For the Presidential Debates

The second presidential debate is tonight, so make sure your bullshit detector is on full blast. No matter the candidate you're rooting for, politicians are politicians—they're full of it. You certainly want to watch the Lehrer-directed circus with a discerning eye, which is exactly what a new site called reconstitution2012 will help you do.


Conceived by Sosolimited in partnership with Vice, Creators Project and Intel, the site feeds every single word Romney and Obama say through a backend server and deconstructs the transcript in an animated page. What words are they repeating? Is that figure true? Where did that study come from? Does that statement sound scripted? Click on highlighted words for context, which pops up in beautiful, dynamic text animations. The site parses the arguments from each side in a fetching format, so you can analyze every bullet point, every word out of each candidate's mouth, more critically. And don't worry, we only have to endure 21 more days of this. [Reconstitution2012 via Creators Project]



Um... no need to use technology to detect communism, it's right out in front of you on a daily basis, directed at you squarely and without remorse or concealment... and if you don't know what it is, you are destined to the ashes of the future collaps of its death and destruction because that is how communism always turns out... get a frickin clue people, for petes sake!