Fact: Every time you move, you're going to throw a perfectly functional piece of furniture away. Maybe it's laziness, maybe its the distance involved, or maybe you just can't get rid of that ugly bookshelf. Either way, something inevitably ends up in the trash and you feel guilty. With SmartDeco Furnishing's cardboard-ish offerings, the transient souls of the world can depart knowing everything's recyclable.

SmartDeco furniture is made out of pulp-based "corrugated fiberboard"—a cheap, strong, lightweight material with an unmistakeable resemblance to cardboard. Offering include a customizable array of the stuff you'll need for your room: A desk ($50), a dresser ($54), and a nightstand ($34). There are also "connection kits" so you can combine and customize the furniture to your liking.


In fact, it's cheap enough that you could use SmartDeco as uber-temporary furniture that holds you over until you get around to going shopping. When you're done with the furniture, you can discard it with a fraction of the guilt. [SmartDeco via Apartment Therapy]

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