Red Digital Cinema Camcorder Sensor Reveals First Footage: 4K Digital Cinema for $17.5K?

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The Red Digital Cinema camcorder set digital filmmakers into a tizzy when it was introduced at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention last April, because it's really hard to make a digital camera capable of 4K (4,520 x 2540 pixels) image acquisition for a price the company quoted at $17,500 (all near-competitors cost well over $100K). During its introduction, many were skeptical, and that doubt was fueled by the lack of any working prototypes. Now, Mike Curtis, a cinematographer who has been following the development of the Red camera, laid his own eyes on some of the first footage from its so-called "Mysterium" sensor. He was impressed:

"Red is onto something here. Something BIG. Something that if they continue to fulfill their stated specs and objectives, could and probably should substantially alter the landscape. The test footage I saw off the Mysterium ... makes me think Red is truly going to be a force to contend with, that it will compare favorably with existing high end digital cinema ANY price."

Maybe this low-cost, high-quality camcorder is for real after all. Red Digital Cinema, started by Oakley sunglasses founder Jim Jannard, didn't say when the camcorder would be available.

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