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RED May Be Making a DSLR Camera

Illustration for article titled RED May Be Making a DSLR Camera

The RED camera's Jim Jannard mentions the next generation Mysterium "Monstro" sensor, which be offered as a free upgrade to the Mysterium-X piece shipping in the Epic cam. Then he blows my mind by revealing he's getting into the DSLR race with the same kit. [REDUSER via Engadget, image not of anything remotely made by RED]


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My sources tell me this camera will be intended as a scouting tool for DP's as well as a capture tool for shooting miniatures.

It may have a PL mount so when cinematographers scout locations they can get a accurate representation of how the RED cameras will shoot the given scene with the same lenses the RED One currently uses(but I'm sure you will easily be able get a lens adapter for nikon/canon). Taking a snapshot with a canon or nikon will not give you nearly the same image, as the latitude and image processing are vastly different.

It also may not be a true DSLR but more of a point and shoot style camera that lacks an optical viewfinder.

As for the person who mentioned that its "full frame". You have to factor in the fact that motion film cameras feed film vertically and not horizontally the way a still camera does. This in turn changes the actual size of the frames. So while it is a true Super35mm sensor it is in-fact smaller than the sensor in a 5D, MKIII, etc.(just look inside the lens mount of a RED camera and see for yourself)

Also, the rolling shutter is not nearly as big as issue as people make it out to be. I've only seen one situation where it made a difference and that was while using a strobe(only half the frame saw the strobe of light). This video was shot with the RED One and displays the rolling shutter "issue".

Example here

How do I know all this? I'm a Camera Assistant and D.I.T. who works extensively with RED camera's.