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In the continuing saga of the Red One ultra-high-definition camera heist, Oakley founder and Red leader Jim Jannard says some of the booty has been recovered:

Our trained professional investigators have been able to recover much of what was taken in the break-in. We happily got our aluminum prototype back, a lens, some computers and drives that were mostly personal in nature, and some misc. stuff. What is still out there are computers that had most of the camera related development info.


As for the rest of the stuff? Jannard's team of private eyes and the cops are still on the case. "And they aren't done yet," adds Jannard.

We've met Jannard and his team, and we're starting to think this camera will actually come to market as advertised. Plus, if anyone thinks they can do a better job of building a $17.5K 4K camcorder before the Red One is released using data on the company's computers, they're nuts.

Recovery...Mostly [dvxuser, via CrunchGear]

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