Red "Pocket Professional Camera" AKA "Scarlet" To See Daylight at NAB

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Jim Jannard, the rambunctious Oakley founder and Red HD camera revolutionary has taken a leak into his own hands and confirmed that the company's next camera, a pocketable pro dubbed Scarlet, will be shown at this year's NAB. Jim: I'm glad you're pushing the tech toward consumers. This sounds like an interesting dovetail with the redcode rumors from Macworld. [RED Forums]

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One thing I learned last year about RED at NAB:

Bring laptop, find out about RED product online. Saves standing in line for three hours for a glimpse of the goods.

Seriously though, as soon as that beast drops and starts shipping, I'm all up ons one. And who cares about Avid? After the last few years of broken promises and endless delays, I think everyone's wisened up to the fact that FCP (and more importantly, FC Studio) is and will be the standard in editing, be it film or straight-up video. It's just the elitists that still won't admit it. I'm no Apple fanboy, but you've gotta give them credit for making such a powerful suite that, with a Mac Pro, you can buy at your local mall for under $5K, and be editing 2K that afternoon.