Redbox Is Offering A Week's Worth of Free-Day Game Rentals

Redbox is like your neighborhood weed dealer—you can find it in front of a 7-11 any time, day or night, hawking the latest and greatest in entertainment products—so long as you don't mind doing business on the street corner. And, starting Sunday, you'll be able to sample the wares for a day at no cost.

From Sunday February 26, to Thursday, March 1 the disc-vending kiosks are offering a free single-day video game rental for more than 30 titles—including Twisted Metal, CoD:MW3, and Uncharted 3—for the PS3, Xbox360, and Wii. And if you can't beat Skyrim in the allotted time, you can hold on to the title at the normal $2/day price. You do need to reserve the games online ahead of time and provide a credit card for any extra-day charges. Check out the full list of titles at Redbox. [Redbox via Time]


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