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While Netflix is happy to kowtow to Warner Brothers Studio's title-delaying demands, Redbox is having none of it. The curbside video rental chain just let its contract with WB expire over the issue—allowing Redbox to rent its WB catalog ahead of the competition.

The trouble started when WB tried to impose an additional four-week delay for rental and streaming companies—Netflix, Redbox, and Blockbuster—in order to help prop flagging DVD sales. That's on top of the current delay of 28 days, increasing the total wait time to a full two months.


Netflix has since agreed to those terms, the LA Times reports that Redbox did let its current contract expire citing customers' expectations of new releases in a timely manner.

This means that a) Redbox will have to buy future WB content elsewhere and without the company' wholesale discount and b) Redbox is no longer subject to the extended delay. Warner Brother's says that it hopes to "continue discussions with Redbox and reach a mutually agreed upon solution to this situation," though a Verge source states that Redbox is having none of that either.

This move will definitely cost Redbox as it will have to pay more to purchase the media elsewhere, but it does give Redbox a leg up over Netflix. According to the LA Times, Blockbuster has also told WB where to stick its new contract and will enjoy a similar month-long advantage over Netflix. [LA Times the Verge]


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