Redesigned Beetle Faces Hoard of Cyclists in High-Five Showdown

If you see a dude in a all-new redesigned 2012 VW Beetle stopped at a traffic light, idling at a parking meter, or waiting for someone in a parking lot, and his hand is sticking out of the driver's side window, open-palmed, give him a little love in the form of a high-five. If he's proffering a closed fist, bump him. These are the requirements of the global war on boring.


VW has lead the charge by adding a slew of new features to the all-new Beetle that make driving one your basic dream. There's an available 200-hp Turbo model, 18" alloy wheels, and touchscreen navigation. Three colors of interior ambient lighting and Bluetooth technology come standard.

And on the available Turbo model, there's a spoiler.

And VW made even more improvements to the 2012 Beetle that aren't necessarily visible to your average Jack Russell. There's more rear-seat headroom (0.4 inches), more front legroom (1.9 inches), and more front shoulder room (2.5 inches). A brand-new split-folding rear seat allows you to transport more of your stuff, right alongside a rear passenger. The panoramic tilt/slide glass sunroof is 80 percent larger than on the previous model, letting more of the sky into your ride.

Be a friend. Check out all the features of the all-new redesigned 2012 VW Beetle. And when people honk, wave, approach your Beetle, and/or engage you in high-fiving games, just humor them. Resistance is futile. It's going to happen.