Reebok's Latest Shoes Are Covered In a Dizzying, Migrane-Inducing Tread

As part of the company's Zigtech series, Reebok has created a dizzying new sneaker called the ZigMaze—for obvious reasons—that looks like the tread design on the sole has been carried across the entire shoe.

But the rubber maze-like pattern isn't just for show. It actually adds a considerable amount of strength and support to the upper portion of the shoe, while also providing plenty of ventilation to keep the inside cool. It probably also serves to confuse and induce headaches in anyone who happens to be staring at them, giving any athlete a slight advantage in a competition. They'll eventually be available for purchase at Reebok concept stores for around $120, but expect to battle other sneaker freaks if you hope to score a pair.


[Sole Movement via Sneaker News]

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