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Lomography's First Instant Camera Uses Real-Life Filters

The retro camera fanatics at Lomography are diving into the world of instant photography with a colorful new shooter packed with all the charm and nostalgia of the 35mm Lomos you've known for years. It follows from the spirit of the Impossible Project, which proved that stirring up interest in lo-fi photo is eminently possible

The Surreal Sight of Skyscrapers Encased in Colored Fabric

Here in the USA, when a building is under construction, we are used to the sight of scaffolding partially encaging the structure. In Hong Kong, the tradition is to completely wrap even the most immense buildings in sheets of fabric. Photographer Peter Steinhauer documents these colorful monoliths in stunning detail.

The Death of Film Is Felt Hardest In the City Built on Kodak's Reign

Rochester, New York is the city where George Eastman founded the company responsible for making photography an everyday part of American life. Although Kodak is still a household name, the digital age has gutted what was once a thriving industry. Traces of the film giant can be seen echoing throughout Rochester in the photography of Catherine Leutenegger.

An Ode to the Decaying Playgrounds That Pepper America's Lawns

Growing up in a city or suburb, the playground was an indispensable part of childhood recreation. But the slides, swings, and see-saws you remember from decades ago barely resemble modern playground equipment. The photography in Brenda Biondo's Once Upon a Playground captures the faded glory of the 20th century relics.

How to Take Eye-Popping Pictures of Tiny Bugs

Alex Wild is an entomologist. He's also an amazing photographer who's become famous for hishighly detailed, almost too vivid, sometimes alien-looking photography of bugs. And recently, he revealed how he does it.