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Relax Your Body and Melt Your Mind In This Möbius Chair

Illustration for article titled Relax Your Body and Melt Your Mind In This Möbius Chair

It might provide a place to rest your weary legs, but this United Colors for Benetton chair designed and built by Pereira Miguel Architects will give your brain a good workout as you try and and comprehend where its curvy frame begins and ends.


It's technically not a true möbius strip, though, lacking the requisite twist that would give the bent plywood frame a continuous single side. But the effect is convincing enough. The use of rope webbing instead of a cushion also provides a lovely hammock-like effect, not too mention a means for crumbs, remotes, and lost currency to simply fall through to the floor. [Pereira Miguel Architects via Notcot]

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There isn't really anything to judge scale, but, that lovely curved wood frame looks like it would cut into the users thighs in a most painful manner. I would also be concerned about leaning forward, as it looks as if it would result in a serious face plant.