I have a splitting headache. There was so much real news today, mostly Android-y, we happily skipped this junk: GM's Wi-Fi, Apple Store POS, Virgin/Helio, Xbox Sky and a Blu-ray player only dumb people will buy. Dun dun DUN.

GM's offering in-car internet for $500 and +$29 a month. Great! This is a stupid thing to get—think about devices like the MiFi, and ask yourself who would buy this. Plus, do you really want to buy a GM? If you go American, go Ford. They have cool tech! [Engadget]


Apple stores are ditching those clunky handheld point of sale computers—which are Windows-run—for iPod touches that can do the same thing. There's no way to write this story up without making an easy Microsoft joke, which isn't fair because those point of sale units have been a big part of why Apple stores have been such easy places to drop loads of cash. [AppleInsider]


Virgin erases Helio and the Ocean 2. But not before we erased the love and care we had back in 2007 for the company. Remember how progressive they were? Were? [Mobile Crunch]


JVC's $200 Blu-ray player does not stream media and does not cost less than the LG bd370 which does. It doesn't even cost less than the PS3, which also, you know, plays games. Do not buy. [JVC]

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