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iPhone Playing Cards Coulda Fooled Me...A Topographical Map for Your Beloved...300 GI Joes To Take Kansas City By Parachute...Ms. Pac-Man Becomes Ms. Mac-Man...

Since we all spend our days looking at 2D representations of 3D gadgets, it's only natural to be totally thrown off by these iPhone playing cards. They look incredible, and from the vantage point of your computer screen, you'd have a hard time telling them from real iPhones. Ultimately, though, they are flippin' playing cards, so like shut up and deal. [Engadget] UPDATE: Apparently we did write up these stupid playing cards. Why? I have no idea.


For originality, I give this a 10: You browse a map, select a geographical location on earth, and the service reads the topography of that location and turns it into a solid silver brooch. All for just over $300. But you know, cost notwithstanding, I'm just not sure what reaction I'd get if I turned to my beloved and said, "You know how I always say you remind me of the Himalayas?" [CrunchGear]


When I was a lad I loved my G.I. Joe action figures more than life itself, which is why a) I absolutely refuse to see that POS movie that just came out, and b) I was totally let down after reading the exciting Kansas City Star headline "Invasion: 300 G.I. Joes will parachute downtown." See, they're not talking about Snake Eyes and Roadblock and Scarlett. They're talking about those huge GI Joe dolls that nobody under the age of 50 even remembers. Screw that—I want to see 3000 of my old buddies parachuting down. Who will lead the charge? Rip Cord, baby. The real Rip Cord. [KC Star]


Though, like some other mods I could mention, this one ain't exactly beautiful, it represents one of the better puns in modding history. How do you bring a Ms. Pac-Man up to date? By giving her a Mac, of course. In this case, it's a Mac Mini. There's a lot of other tweaking going on, but the best touch is that, in the end, you can still play Ms. Pac-Man whenever you want. You just have to use the X-Arcade controller. Oh, and when you're using the computer portion, you still have to stand. So, like I said, Ms. Mac-Man is not exactly Heck-worthy. [Pixelated Geek]