Reminder: 17 Million Netflix Users Will Get Price Hikes Next Month

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If you’re one of the 17 million people with a grandfathered-in Netflix subscription, take note: Netflix is raising its prices for those plans next month.

In May, people grandfathered into an $8 per month two-stream HD plan will start paying $10 per month like the rest of us television-addled customers. According to Business Insider, many people don’t know this is about to happen:

Analysts at UBS have estimated that this change will affect about 37% of US subscribers, or 17 million people.

And most of those 17 million subscribers aren’t aware of the upcoming changes, according to research by JP Morgan. JP Morgan recently ran a survey of Netflix users, and about 80% of those who will be “un-grandfathered” in May didn’t know the price hike was coming.


The good news is that Netflix is still an absurdly good deal. I’m happy they haven’t figured out that I’d willingly pay about $10 every shiftless Saturday I spend in a Cheers fugue.

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