Reminder: How to Fix Conficker

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Afraid you've got the evil Conficker worm that's already begun snaking its way around the world? Thanks to herculean efforts by researchers, the detection and fix is pretty easy.

Symantec's got a pretty simple (and free) tool specifically for Conficker: Download this file on an uninfected computer, follow the steps, and you should be okay. (If you can't get to Symantec or other security sites, that's a good sign you've got Conficker.) Also, via PC Mag, here's the Conficker Working Group's page of repair of tools.[Symantec]

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Do you think when a virus is all over the news in the weeks leading up to its launch, it's still as ominous? There's no excuse to have this stupid virus now. I checked and I don't. This feels like Y2K. Nothing is going to happen.