Reminder: The Big Bang Theory Is the Goddamned Worst

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I suppose hating on the inexplicable hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory for portraying nerds poorly is like hating the birds for singing: it’s just what they do. But now they’ve dragged Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples’ incredible scifi-fantasy comic Saga into their excrement.

Mentioning Saga is actually an impressive nerd reference for a show that mainly mines laughs out of merely mentioning the most mainstream genre hits (watch this and just try not to have your blood pressure rise). So why do you think the show brought Saga up? To mention how outstanding it is? Staples’ incredible art? That it’s currently outselling The Walking Dead? That it’s a sexy, funny, tragic, amazing Star Wars for grown-ups?

Nope! It’s because the deluxe hardcover features a big ol’ boob on the cover! A boob that is actually feeding a baby, the real star of the Saga saga! Ignore the fantastic comic between the covers, ignore the increasing cultural push towards breastfeeding being seen as a natural, non-shameful thing for a human to do, and ignore Vaughn and Staples’ reasons for the cover, which was a double-down against the retailers who refused to stock the very first issue of Saga, which featured a much more subtle image of breastfeeding on it. All because DUR IT’S A BOOB.


Nerds—we sure do like to masturbate, huh? That’s all our interests are! Star Wars, cartoons, Lord of the Rings, video games—we’re all just looking for things to jerk it to! Thanks, Big Bang Theory, for reminding us that nerds are only nerds because we’re too socially awkward to have sex with other people!

God fucking dammit.

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