Remote Control Drumming Toy Keeps the Beat Without Any Electronics

If you've lost count of how many times you'd wished you could've drummed along to a song with a set of remote controls in your hands instead of drumsticks, here's an adorably-odd toy called Mr. Knocky that does the actual drumming for you—without electronics, batteries, or incompatibilities with your OS of choice.

The plastic remotes use some kind of cable mechanism to pass along the drumming motions of your hands to the $32 Mr. Knocky toy's arms. He includes a set of plastic drums to wail away on, but you can also use an included adapter to swap in drums or your own percussion instrument of choice—like an inverted Pringles can. Mr. Knocky seems like he could also double as a fairly effective egg cracker, or a more entertaining alternative to a those stuffy uniformed nutcrackers. [Rakuten via Geekologie]

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I just stared at this for a full minute then turned to my coworker and said "I CAN SEE FOREVER"