Remote Control Fish Suddenly Make an Aquarium Sound Like Fun

An aquarium full of fish is basically just a nature-powered screensaver that you need to feed once a day. Wouldn't it be more exciting if there was more interaction than just tapping on the glass? With Hexbug's new Angelfish Aquabot, you can finally take control of your robotic underwater pet, and make it do more than just behind a rock all day long.


Previous versions of the Aquabots were strictly autonomous affairs, automatically swimming around a tank, diving and surfacing until they went to sleep after five minutes to conserve battery life. The latest versions can also do that, including the ability to wake them back up by simply tapping the side of the tank, touching the fish, or running fingers through the water. But they now come with a wireless remote letting you steer the fish in three different directions at three different speeds.

At $20 you'll never need to cough up another dime for fish food or other chemicals to keep your pet alive. Just the occasional fresh set of batteries for the fish and its remote, because flushing this one down the toilet just isn't an option. [Hexbug]

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