ReplayTV Fights Back

Poor ReplayTV. It's no secret that even though this company was the first to market with its DVR hardware, TiVo is certainly the winner when it comes to name recognition. You don't "Replay" something, you "TiVo" it. Ok, that's a low blow. But I do give ReplayTV credit for giving us true commercial-skipping technology (not the wimpy fast-forwarding we have now), even though lawsuits just about killed the company. Now, replayTV has realized that in order to compete in the current market, not just with TiVo, but with other DVR products, it'll have to dig deeper and start getting into the software world. Hence, the announcement that in 2006, you'll be able to buy a ReplayTV DVR with software for the PC. Teaming up with Hauppauge Computer Works, ReplayTV plans to bundle its PC DVR software application with Hauppauge
s WinTV-PVR tuner/encoder PC cards, letting you record and watch live TV on your PC. Product and price announcements will come early in 2006, most probably at CES, so stay tuned.

ReplayTV Announces New Strategic Direction With DVR For The PC [ReplayTV]

Specs and pricing for ReplayTV


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