Report: Amazon's Wacky 3D Phone Will Also Have Gesture Controls

Illustration for article titled Report: Amazon's Wacky 3D Phone Will Also Have Gesture Controls

Rumor has it, Amazon is cooking up a crazy smartphone with all kinds of customization, six cameras, and 3D features. Although there isn't a whole lot that's new here, BGR has just posted a deeper dive into what the actual software might look like, the most notable part of which is a whole host of tilt-activated gesture controls.


Per BGR:

By tilting the handset in different directions while the device is in use, Amazon's interface will display additional information on the screen without the user having to touch or tap anything.

In the phone's email and calendar apps where small icons are displayed with no labels, a slight tilt will reveal labels beneath each icon, informing the user of its function. If the user performs a tilt gesture after searching for a restaurant in the maps app, Yelp ratings will appear on top of the various results plotted on the map.

We've heard rumors like this before, but BGR tends to be a good source on Amazon hardware in particular. And while tilt-activated also doesn't seem all that novel, it's certainly a gimmick that would make Amazon's phone different from other Android devices. That and the army of cameras. [BGR]