Report: A 2.5-Inch Display Apple Smartwatch Is Coming Soon

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If rumors are to be believed, Apple's entry into the smartwatch world is coming soon: Reuters says production will start in July, with an expected launch date sometime in October. And it's going to be (literally) big.

Admittedly, this is still speculation, and we're hesitant to call this definitive reporting. But unnamed sources at Taiwan's Quanta Computer say that the company will start producing up to 70 percent of the components for the forthcoming iWatch next month. The report says Apple's smartwatch will have a touchscreen measuring 2.5 inches diagonally (which frankly sounds huge for a wrist-worn device), with wireless charging and the ability to measure the wearer's pulse. But again, that's all still rumor.


Regardless of the timeline, it's pretty much assumed that Apple will set foot in the smartwatch arena. It's just a question of when—and if this report pans out, the answer is soon. [Reuters]