U.S. Border Patrol will begin wearing cameras in training, according to the AP. The move comes as the border patrol has come under fire for killings by agents. This is just the latest sign that movement to strap cameras to law enforcement is picking up steam.


According to the AP, Border Patrol chief R. Gil Kerlikowske announced the plan to begin testing cameras in the agency's training academy. The announcement was made in a a private meeting with activists who've been critical of the agency.

It's probably optimistic to think that Border Patrol's 21,000 agents might suddenly be wearing cameras in the field, since the professional organizations that represent law enforcement tend to be resistant to accountability. Indeed, the "test" reeks of damage control.


Still, events like the recent mess in Ferguson, Missouri illustrate that putting cameras on law enforcement makes sense. If they're playing by the rules, they've got nothing to hide. [ABC via 5 Intriguing Things]

Image via AP


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