Report: Facebook Is Fighting a Demand to 'Wiretap' Messenger in an MS-13 Case

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The U.S. government is demanding for Facebook to “wiretap” its Messenger app so agents can hear a suspect’s spoken conversation, as a part of an investigation into the MS-13 gang, according a report from Reuters.


Reuters is basing the report on accounts from three people reportedly briefed on the criminal probe. The anonymous sources told the news outlet that Facebook is contesting the demand from the U.S. Department of Justice. One source said the matter stemmed from an investigation into the MS-13 gang, a frequent rhetorical focus for Donald Trump, when the president is demanding stronger immigration laws. In may, Trump referred to the gang as “animals” after Fresno County Sheriff, Margaret Mims, said state laws interfered with her ability to help ICE apprehend members of MS-13.

The investigation that led to this Messenger case began in Fresno, Reuters reports.

The U.S. Department of Justice and Facebook declined to comment for the Reuters report. Later, when reached by Gizmodo, Facebook again declined to comment on the matter.

A federal judge reportedly heard the case in California on Tuesday. The Department of Justice has motioned to hold the social media company in contempt for denying to comply. No filings are public as the case is proceeding under seal.


Updated at 5:53pm ET with Facebook’s response.


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Probably not the best hill to die on, defending actual gang members. There’s a HUGE difference between ms-13 and undocumented people and it’s kinda fucked up to lump them together. That’s the sort of thinking Trump has, that all undocumented are gang members or vice versa.