Report: FBI Will Finally Explain in Detail How North Korea Hacked Sony

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The Intercept reports that the FBI Director James Comey will explain later today how his organization determined that North Korea was behind the Sony Pictures hack.


The FBI's pronouncement that North Korea was behind the attacks has drawn criticism from security professionals. But Comey is due to speak at the International Conference on Cyber Security at Fordham University today, and it's expected that he'll explain how the organization reached its conclusions.

Over the past weeks, the FBI has issued warnings suggesting that the same hackers who infiltrated Sony servers were also planing another attack on "a news media organization," and that the threat "may extend to other such organizations in the near future." However, those threats could be fictitious, with the FBI currently investigating whether a Tennessee man's claims that they were part of a prank are indeed true.

With the FBI already facing criticism over its blaming of North Korea, such a slip would be embarrassing. So, with any luck, James Comey will be able to set the record straight later today. Let's wait see. [The Intercept]

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Hi, Jamie,

Could you, or someone else in the know, explain why the FBI is on this instead of the CIA? Like, is Sony considered a "Homeland" company now, or is it because this took place on American cyber-soil or something? I'm honestly confused. I'm a foreigner, btw, but one of the good ones, and any enlightenment would be helpful. Your people are mysterious to me.