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Report: "Google Fit" Is Coming Soon Because Of Course It Is

Illustration for article titled Report: Google Fit Is Coming Soon Because Of Course It Is

Google I/O is just around the corner, and according to a report from Forbes it will bring a new Google service called "Google Fit." This is after Samsung announced its nebulous SAMI concept, and Apple its HealthKit. It only makes sense Google would be working on its own fitness thingamajig.


It makes sense for Google to be working on a fitness service of some sort just so it doesn't get left behind, sure. But Google has already been carefully dipping its toe in the water by integrating a rudimentary pedometer function into Google Now that offers a "miles walked" card at the end of the month.

And that's to say nothing of the impending release of Google's Android Wear smartwatch platform. So far the upcoming Android Wear devices have shown no signs of any fitness tracking capabilities, but at this stage in the wearable game the lack of any sort of health features feels like a deficiency. It makes perfect sense that Android Wear would also creep into fitness tracker and fitness-tracking-smartwatch territory.


It's unclear what Google Fit would be if it does in fact exist. It could be a standalone app, or an API built into Android going forward. Whatever it is, though, you can bet that it would have strong Google Now hooks, as well as some sort of attachment to Android Wear. This is just an unverified report though, so who knows for sure if this is even real, but I wouldn't be surprised; it just makes too much sense. [Forbes]

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Sometimes I wish Apple would take advantage of this copycat behavior by Google and Samsung and just randomly leak crazy ideas that they have no intention of doing themselves, then watch their competitors scramble.

By the way, I heard a strong rumor that Apple was working on underwear with embedded sensors that link to the iPhone to track your bowel movements.

Google, your move.