Report: Google Is Making a Smart Watch Too

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The Financial Times is reporting that Google is making its own version of a smart watch. What's interesting is that it's not Google's experimental arm X Labs developing the watch but rather Google's Android unit. According to FT, this smart watch would be completely different from Samsung's smart watch (which is also reportedly in development). Google's version of the smart watch is rumored to be an extension of Android onto the wrist.

There isn't any reports of when the smart watch will launch but with Apple supposedly developing its own smartwatch, the Android and iPhone wars might morph into an Android watch and iWatch battle. Let the games begin. [Financial Times]

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Google and Samsung covering their bases. It must not seem too obvious that they are indeed copying Apple. Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Samsung and the rest all have a appstore, retail store, multi touchscreen smartphones, tablets ala ipad,their own hardware company and etc etc. No one had them before the iphone!? Still some people think Apple is copying them! Too funny. No one is fooled, though. Only fools ala Fox new viewers are.