Report: GoPro Might Be Throwing in the Towel

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And it just keeps getting worse for GoPro.

To recap, the floundering action cam company has been in poor financial health for years. Hundreds of staffers packed up their desks and skateboards in a round of layoffs affecting between 200 and 300 staffers Friday afternoon. Many of those let go were attached to the company’s barely-functioning aerial division, which GoPro announced it was shuttering earlier today. Can it get worse for this flagging, once-hyped company? Yes!


According to CNBC, CEO Nick Woodman is considering a partnership or sale of his company, and has paid for the services of J.P. Morgan Chase to help facilitate it. That report contains the telling line:

It’s unclear if there is an interested buyer for the company.

We may be jumping the gun here, but just in case—lets pour one out for GoPro. You were always too extreme for this mundane, price-conscious planet.



The best thing GoPro ever had going for it was its ability to create viral marketing. It just trounced its competitors when it came to online videos. The cameras themselves, though, have always been oddly designed and kind of a pain to use, IMHO.