Report: iOS 6 May Confirm Taller, 4-Inch iPhone

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Well this is interesting. iOS 6, pictured above on the left, is now able to scale to show five full lines of apps when displayed at 640x1136—the resolution a reported 4-inch iPhone would have.


iOS 5.1, which is on the right, only shows four app rows when run in the same iOS simulator app. That's telling, since there would be little reason to add the support for an additional row if the screen was not going to get bigger. 9to5mac also reports that the simulator will not display the five rows at any resolution other than 640x1136, suggesting that Apple's not just trying to squish as many apps into the current screensize as it can. Other higher-than-current-iPhone resolutions scale iOS 6 to the iPad's home screen.

This is just the latest evidence that we'll see a 4-inch iPhone. There is a phalanx of iPhone rumors cramming itself down our throats, and almost all of them point to a taller, 4-inch model with the aforementioned 640x1136 resolution.

So! Looks like big iPhones come September. That or some extra real estate on your favorite iOS simulator's home screen, at least. [9to5mac]


Greg the Mad

Although I can see the advantages of a bigger screen I don't think there is any reason to have a bigger screen for a phone. My thumb isn't that long.

Jobs really had he reasons when he said no to it.

Lets just hope that is because of the small tablet.