Report: Microsoft May Be Launching a Wearable in the Coming Weeks

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According to Forbes, Microsoft is planning to counter Apple and Google's wearable ambitions with its own device in the coming weeks. Forbes says that the device will be a smartwatch "that will passively track the wearer's heart rate and work across several mobile platforms."

Reported sources familiar with the project say that the device will actually get two full days of battery life, which would be a small bump up from current Android options. The smartwatch will reportedly launch soon after its announcement for the holidays and before Apple's looming "Spring 2015" deadline. We've reached out to Microsoft for comment.

Forbes reported exclusively in May that Microsoft was working on a wearable and Tom's Hardware confirmed in June that the device would be cross platform and would arrive around October.


Update: Microsoft states that they currently have no comment on the rumored wearable. The Verge's Tom Warren also says that the device is a more of a fitness band with smartwatch features. Exactly what shape this device will come in is uncertain, but we'll most likely find out sooner rather than later.


Image: Samsung Galaxy Gear running Windows 95