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The Verge reports that Microsoft will release a set-top box next year alongside its next generation Xbox. The "Xbox TV" will deliver the popular Xbox Live streaming entertainment services currently available on the Xbox as well as some basic gaming. In other words, it'll bring you Netflix and Angry Birds but not Call of Duty.


Reports that Microsoft has been developing a set-top box have been circulating for at least a year. We still don't know much about the device except that it will run a Windows 8 based OS and have a quick booting chipset. The new streaming-media box, like the new Xbox, is expected before the holidays next year.

Now the big question is, if this rumored device does exist, will we still have to pay for Xbox Live Gold? We certainly hope not. Other set-top boxes don't require paid subscriptions, and Microsoft would be insane to. [The Verge]


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