Report: Samsung Will Stop Screwing Up Android

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Samsung's super Android phones, and its Android devices in general, have long been hindered by the terribleness of the proprietary UI and apps the company insists on bundling with its hardware. Re/Code reports that Samsung's gonna cut it out. Let's hope so.


According to the report, Google is fed up with Samsung's meddling, and has been pressuring the company to go with an approach more similar to its own. Apparently, the last straw was the "MagazineUX" the company introduced on the NotePro tablet back at CES. Anonymous sources report that following a series of meetings and agreements between the two companies, Samsung will be ditching the controversial new UI and will also be showcasing Google's apps front and center.


Samsung sells more Android phones than anyone else, and a lot of them are actually really good, but as the core operating system has improved, Samsung has reaped the benefits without giving a whole lot back to Google in the form of promoting its services like Google Play Music, Movies, Magazines, etc. If we're to believe the report, appears that Google is asserting itself in an effort to make sure that all its hard work turns into an OS that serves the mothership. For you and me, that means an experience closer to what you get on stock Android. [Re/Code]

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Thank GOD Google finally said something. I have to support these phones, and EVERY FREAKIN' SAMSUNG HAS A DIFFERENT SCREEN! You need documentation on each device just to set up email.

Skinning had it's place with Android 1.6 or 2.x when it was a clunky mess, but 4.0 got it right- it's a simple and beautiful interface on its own Anything on top of it is just a hindrance.

Kudos Google!