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According to The Guardian, leader of the online advertising world and CEO of Alphabet Eric Schmidt will have a “brief conversation” this Friday with Pope Francis, presumably not about moving the @pontifex Twitter account to Google+. Self-driving popemobile: more likely.


The Pope meeting with major business leaders isn’t unprecedented. During his trip to the US last year, he did meet Wall Street execs, despite decrying their brand of “savage capitalism” in the past.

For technology, on the other hand, he has nothing but praise, calling it “truly good” and embracing social media, not to mention inspiring some truly dope memes.


According to the Guardian’s sources, Schmidt and Googler Jared Cohen will meet the Pope for fifteen minutes at the Vatican in Rome. It’s unclear exactly what is going to be on the agenda—some new Catholic e-revolution, perhaps—but the fact that a rare meeting between the world of technology and mass religion is happening at all is probably a good sign.


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