Reppo 2 Boombox Backpack, Easy-Carry Portable Music Action

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iPods are all very nice, except for when you want to piss-off amuse passers-by with your music, and even then your standard boombox is awkward to carry. I mean, what if you need both hands for your shopping? Enter Joonas Saaranen's Reppo 2, a backpack boombox design, and simplicity in itself. Easy to carry, and with a built-in powered amp and loudspeakers, loud enough to make an impact. Shame its hardshell doesn't extend down to cover your ass, as protection from all the kicking you'd earn, but never mind. Just a protoype for now, but we suspect someone'll make it happen for real. [Squaremag via Technabob]


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Apparently this is targeted as assholes who want to force you to listen to their shitty music but who can't afford to install so many speakers in their Civic that it ends up sounding like a hippo farting in a jacuzzi.

Warning: If I'm on the train and you're wearing this thing I will find some way to spill my coffee on you or even fake a seizure and vomit on you.