Researchers Have Developed a Working Laugh-o-Meter

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Researchers at Kansai University in Japan have developed a machine that has the capability to scientifically measure the quantity of a person's laugh as well as the sincerity. The device works using a series of electrode sensors that monitor the amount of bioelectricity generated by various muscles involved in laughter. The data is then whisked away to a computer where it is analyzed an assigned a numerical score based on its quantity.


Furthermore, the difference between real and fake laughter is determined by monitoring the movement of the diaphragm. If the muscle vibrations are high, that would be an indicator of a genuine laugh. Interestingly enough, the researchers are looking to make a portable version for heath and entertainment devices—which means that Carrot Top's performing days are numbered. [Pink Tentacle]


But can it tell the difference between funny laughter and evil laughter?