Resolve Your Verizon vs AT&T Cat Fights with the iPhone Coverage App

Illustration for article titled Resolve Your Verizon vs ATT Cat Fights with the iPhone Coverage App

If you keep getting into arguments over which mobile carrier has better coverage in a particular area, you should consider dropping two bucks on the Coverage iPhone app. It's a rather basic app, but it should resolve the arguments.


Coverage will allow you to toggle back and forth between coverage maps for the four major US carriers as well as allow you to flip between viewing 3G, 2G, and roaming coverage for each. Pretty simple, but also rather handy. [iTunes via BGR]

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I don't understand people and the whole "coverage" thing. That's why it's called "coverage." Don't choose a provider that doesn't "cover" the area that is important to you. In some cities, it takes years and years to get new towers built, hell, I see on the news all the time, "neighborhood refuses to let a new cell tower be built." Blame them!

I had T-mobile in the SF bay area for 2 years and found it terrible and slow, the advantage it was cheaper. I switched to ATT and it was slightly better, and more expensive. I moved to great LA recently, and my ATT coverage is GREAT here. Everyone with Verizon in the valley can't get squat.


Provider first! Then phone. Pretty good tip, huh?