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Resurrecting Community Wasn’t Enough to Keep Yahoo’s TV Dreams Alive

Illustration for article titled Resurrecting iCommunity/i Wasn’t Enough to Keep Yahoo’s TV Dreams Alive

Yahoo Screen, the company’s experiment in original television content—and the home of Community’s final season—is finally dead. But can you still watch the last season of Community anywhere?


What’s curious about the failure is that it comes just as Netflix (Jessica Jones, Daredevil) and Amazon (Man In High Castle, Transparent) are having hugely successful runs with their own original content, both in terms of viewership numbers and quality.

Picking up Community last year was a good signal that Yahoo could move in the same direction. But, while the episodes of Community produced under Yahoo Screen were quite good, it was really the only hit that the fledgling company had, and that wasn’t enough. Intriguingly, Netflix had similar problems with trying to bring another beloved, prematurely-canceled comedy, Arrested Development, to the computer screen. Perhaps, beyond just the death of Yahoo’s foray into original content, it may also be a sign of the direction we can expect online-only television shows to go in.


While Yahoo Screen is dead, however, you’ll still be able to see the archives (including the last of Community) in Yahoo’s archives.


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Their interface was buggy as hell, the commercial breaks were FREQUENT, and the commercial breaks were always the SAME EFFIN COMMERCIAL.