Retro Style King of Kitchens

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I'm in no hurry to go back to 50's housewife clothing or attitudes, but it looks like there's nothing more stylish in the houseware department these days than vintage models. Take the Big Chill Fridge, for instance. Looking more like a chevy than an icebox, this fab fridge comes in eight colors including Pink Lemonade and Buttercup Yellow and runs for just $2500. I mean, come on, what's better than that?? Other throwback products include a $4000 Elmira Stove Works stove with analog clock and shiny, shiny hardware in nine colors; and a crazy Predicta TV that takes its cue from old Philmores and looks more like a rocket ship than anything that should be in your living room. Will only run you about $1400 to $3600 for these. And don't expect any flat screens on this one!

Retro Tech [MUG]


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