Retrograde Your Kitchen With 8-Bit NES Cart Cutting Boards

If you dropped a little coin on some extra-fancy kitchen counter tops, the last thing you want to do is hack them to pieces with a knife while cutting meats and veggies. But who wants a boring old slab of timber to cut on when Etsy seller CuttingBoredom will make you a beautiful walnut, maple, cherry, or mahogany cutting board shaped like a classic NES (wink) cart?


Available in 9x10 or 12x13-inch sizes starting at $40, they're both large enough for most culinary tasks, but not so gigantic that they're impossible to store. And the grooved detailing isn't just for show—it also serves as a place for juices to escape so that what you're slicing doesn't up being a soggy mess. What? You thought we'd make a stupid 'blow in cartridge' joke? [Etsy via Geekologie]

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