Return of the Water-Powered Clock

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For those who want a water-powered clock without having to insert wildlife—what am I, a florist?—this water-powered H2O clock survives for two months on one "charge" of water.


Fill the transparent tubes with tap water—canine saliva should work—and watch as the non-backlit time ticks away the minutes to your eventual retirement from the circus. It's only $12, which is about as much as you'd expect to pay for a travel clock that isn't backlit, doesn't have an alarm, and whose only notable feature is that it can be powered by fluid from my body. And when you send yours to me to charge, please have a self-addressed, pre-paid return box and specify what type of bodily fluid you wish for me to use.

Product Page [Select Solar via Crib Candy via Oh GIzmo]

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