Reuters: Apple Shrinking iPhone Connector to 19-Pin Port

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The idea of Apple ditching the current 30-pin iPhone connection in favor of something smaller has been floating around for some time. Now, Reuters is reporting that the next iPhone will feature a new, 19-pin connection.

Citing those infamous sources familiar with the matter, Reuters suggests that the next iPhone will come with a 19-pin connector at the bottom of the phone, rather than the long-standing 30-pin port. The reason is, according to the sources, "to make room for the earphone moving to the bottom". That tallies with what we've seen in leaked shots of the phone, which have—controversially—shown the 3.5mm headphone socket moved to the bottom of the device.


We don't even need to begin to describe how a shift in connection type would upset some iPhone users, though it would likely make a lot of accessory makers really very happy. One interesting theory has already suggested that a new dock connector might be directly compatible with Micro-USB—but that could just be wishful thinking.

As ever, it's impossible to know how accurate the Reuters rumor is, but evidence is slowly amassing that suggests a change in connection type—whatever form it takes—is looking like a strong possibility. I just hope that, if it happens, the adapters don't suck. [Reuters]


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People are going to be pissed off if this is true and personally, I think this would be the real beginning of the end for Apple. It is great for those accessory makers and Apple to create new appliances specifically for the new iPhone, generating more income for Apple by licenses, but at some point people will not tolerate this anymore, buying even more overpriced stuff and cables. Micro USB is what most favor and that is why Android and Windows Mobile will grow.